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Shannel is a lady of class. She drives big cars. There is this one incidence that she has never forgotten. She was driving a Porsche. She was the best maid in a friend’s wedding. She was speeding there.  She suddenly noticed her pressure monitor come on. The pressure was reducing, 25psi, 20, 15. It was around 12 noon. Her heartbeat quickened. “Ohh my goodness! What am I gonna do?!” To make it worse, this was a deserted road. She had barely come across any vehicle on the road.

Her heart started beating fast. This didn’t look like the safest place to be. She contemplated driving on with a flat but she thought otherwise for this would damage her tire completely and put her in harm’s way for a flat tire lacks traction and makes it difficult to control the vehicle. Chances of losing control were high. She drew to the side of the road, killed the engine and sat for a moment. She kept on checking her watch without really noticing the time. It was already 12. 22. Time was moving pretty fast. This was unfair. How come time moves so fast when you truly need it to stop at least for a moment? She checked her phone again and realized that there was still no signal.

She got out of the vehicle and stood on the tarmac for a moment listening. It was dangerously quiet. She could not hear any sound, let alone of an engine of an approaching vehicle around the corner. She felt scared. She was surrounded by a forest. Thoughts of a bear emanating from the forest and mauling her terrified her even more. She lifted her phone up – NO signal. She moved a few paces away from her blue vehicle. She kept it on her sight, constantly looking back; as if the vehicle would drive itself away and leave her all alone in the middle of nowhere.

“Laura will kill me,” she mumbled as she paced up and down the road, “if I miss her wedding!” Just as she was about to give up, she heard the sound of an engine rumbling around the corner then a red pickup appeared. It was moving dangerously fast. She lifted her hand up and waved it down. It went passed her. About 20 meters away, it stopped for a few seconds then reversed.

“Hi lady! Need some help?” A booming voice was heard.

She rushed to the passenger’s window and pushed her face in, “yes! I need help. I have a flat and no signal on my phone. I am stranded.”

Can I help you fix the spare?

I am sorry but I don’t have it either. I left it at the garage. I once needed room in my car to carry some items and removed it to create more space. I forgot all about it till today.” Can I trust this guy? She kept thinking.

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Many people have had trouble with their tires. The sad part is that tires give you trouble in the most unlikely places and in deserted locations. I am sure some of you have had the same experience as Shannel’s. Some of you might have had to sleep beside the road because of a flat tire. You could be using a tubeless tire, good for you but what would happen if you repaired your tire but lacked a way to inflate it? I am sure you you will still be stranded. I have a solution for you; especially the ladies. Make sure that you buy yourself a portable tire inflator.

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