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The pressure in your car tire flactuates depending on the outside temperature. The majority of car tires require a PSI between 30 and 40. New car owners might be wondering about how often they should check and inflate tires to maintain their proper functioning.

How Often Should You add Air in Your Tires

If your car does not come with technology to check tire pressure, it might be necessity to carry a tire gauge to check the air pressure of the car tires occasionally. However, if your vehicle is advanced, it can easily tell you when the tire needs an air refill, thanks to the new technology. Otherwise, what would be the right time to know what is the right time to fill the air in your car tires. First of all, it’s necessary you understand the situations in which the tires might need some extra air pressure in them.

Factors that Determine if your Car Tires Need Air?

The answer to your question depends on a number of different factors including the driving pattern, size, and load on the tires. Automobile manufacturers often mention the recommended inflation pressure of the tires on the door jam or in the glove box. However, a change in the brand or type of tires can often confuse you as to how often should you put air in tires of your vehicle. We will provide you with complete information on this issue.

Tire PSI And Tire Pressure

The common PSI for passenger cars, mini-pickup trucks, and cars ranges from 27 to 35. On the other hand, the PSI for a pickup lies from 5 to 8 PSI, but it is meant to accommodate the heavy size and weight.

Another important component, which decides how often you need to fill the air in the car tires includes the tire pressure. The tire pressure in the front tire can vary from the rear tires. Car experts recommend that you should add some extra pressure, which will also offer better car fuel economy, as it will decrease the rolling resistance of the tires.

The Extra Load

In case, you intend to carry or pull extra cargo, it is recommended that you add in some extra air to the rear tires to offset the added weight. However, do not exceed the level as provided by the car manufacturer. The one set provides the maximum pressure for which they designed the tire. If you try to add extra weight beyond what the manufacturer recommends, it can lead to tire failure, bust or damage.

The Guide On How Often Should You Put Air In Your Tires


We highly recommend that you check the tire pressure of your vehicle regularly for they leak air depending on the various reasons highlighted above. If you notice any flactuation, then it is time for you to refill the air in the tires.

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