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The car navigation system helps you reach a particular destination as you go through unfamiliar routes. In short, it is a convenience to the drivers of private and commercial vehicles. The car navigation system, known as GPS (Global Positioning System), collects the vehicle’s position data and synchronizes it with the existing road maps on google.

The GPS also has a radio. Many of us love listening to music while driving. However, the GPS becomes useless if its functions are programmed in a language that the driver does not understand.

Many car owners are actually using vehicles imported from other countries like Japan and Germany other than their own. They therefore face challenges on how to operate such essential gadgets. This challenge necessitates this post about how to Change the Language of Car Navigation to English.

How Do You Change Car Navigation To English?

When you purchase a vehicle from another country like an Asian country like Japan or China, you can expect the GPS to display everything in the language of the country of origin. If you are a native speaker and have good command of that language, then you are lucky. If you are unfamiliar with a navigation system language on the screen, then you need to change it into the language you understand following the steps highlighted below.

Please note that a navigation system displaying a language you don’t understand can be so annoying especially if the navigation system has a voice backup and keeps speaking in that language you don’t understand. You will agree with me it never just stops! Before you begin, Try to find out which option works for your model.

1. Turning Off The Car

The first step you need to follow to change Japanese navigation to English is to turn off the power to your car, which would also switch off the navigation system. Next, you need to start the car again and look for an option in the navigation systems menu, which says English. Some Japanese car models come with the option of changing the navigation system’s language as soon as you turn the keys to start the car.

2. Look For A Button

At times, the navigation system might not automatically change language preference as per the driver. In such scenarios, you need to look for an option as Language or LANG. Press this button, and choose your preferred language like the English language as default. It is an essential step to help drivers change the language of GPS especially from Japanese or Chinese to English. The step works best when the GPS works in any other language except the one know to the driver.

3. Check The System

You should make sure that your car navigation system is either GPS or DVD system. In case, the system is a DVD-based system; then you need to connect with the previous car owner or the company and purchase a language disc in English which can be run and reprogram the language of your GPS system.


Navigation systems are an excellent convenience for the car owners, but if these are set to a language unknown to the owner, it completely fails the purpose. Hence, we hope that this blog can help you quickly change the language navigation to English without any hassle.

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