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We have all worked under various bosses. One of them is a Boss Lady. Working with a Boss Lady is tricky, believe me. If you were asked to choose between working for a Boss Man or a Boss Lady, whom would you prefer? Majority of both men and women have the same answer – they would rather work for a man than a Boss Lady.

Now, working for a Boss Lady and retaining your job are two different things. I must admit that it’s so easy to preside over a meeting in the morning and receive a dismissal letter in the afternoon. I have witnessed all this but lucky me, I have never fallen victim to such. Maybe it’s because I knew how to survive under the Boss Lady. I will share some tips on how to cope with a Boss Lady.

Let her be the Boss
Many people have a problem with authority; it’s worse with a Lady Boss. Many people are genetically wired to disrespect ladies. Majority of the culprits here are men. If there is anything that will ever bring man to his ruin, then it’s his ego. Men believe that they are superior to women. So, they find it hard to subordinate under female bosses. They somehow feel emasculated and embarrassed to take orders from a lady.

Here is a piece of advice; she is the boss, deal with it! She has power over you so there is no need to raise the entire hullabaloo over it! Instead of feeling bad about it and causing yourself a lot of trouble at work, figure out how to make it work. No need for power struggle that will get you nowhere. Instead use this situation to your advantage.
The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if you like your female boss or not. She has the job. Appreciate that she is the boss. Give her the respect she deserves.

Study her moods
Women are emotional. That is why they are better at emotional empathy than men. This kind of empathy fosters rapport and chemistry at work. The feelings give women advantage in building professional relationships. They have innate emotional intelligence.

However, this emotion can also be a disadvantage at work. There is a guy called Jeff that greeted his new Boss Lady nicely. She responded well and this encouraged him to follow it up with “you look smart today” statement. What followed was quite unexpected:
“I knew I was smart when I left my house! You are not my husband. Only my husband is allowed to tell me that!” She retorted and banged her door.
Jeff was embarrassed. Everybody’s eyes were glaring at him, to see his reaction. He recoiled and went into his office. He was pretty quiet during the day. We ambushed him later in the evening after work and joked about it laughing our lungs out. At last he laughed but I never heard him flirt with her again. Lesson well learnt.

To avoid such agony that Jeff went through, you have to study her moods and adjust accordingly. Play into her moods to your advantage. But understand that she is your boss so keep distance!

Watch your mouth and body language.
You should know that women don’t just hear, they listen. Women grasp core concepts, specific details and intentions. Many men will tell you that it’s quite difficult to lie to a woman while facing her straight in the eye. I recommend that if you intend to lie, switch off the lights first then blurb then switch it back on. You will throw her off balance.
Before you say anything or behave in a certain way, just remember that your boss is paying attention to every detail. Female bosses abhor being disrespected especially if it comes from a man. They also hate being misunderstood. Avoid being misunderstood at all costs. Develop a porker face. Don’t allow her to reach a point of saying, “you are disrespecting me because I am a woman”. If that statement comes out of her mouth, you are done. So find ways to deal with your feelings and portray only respect. Don’t be scared to contradict with her ideas. Female bosses don’t fear seeking help. Assist where necessary but with utmost respect. If you are a lady, you should know how best to deal with

Dress smart
Ladies are very particular when it comes to dressing. They are attracted to men that are smartly dressed. In order to survive under a female boss, please find time to groom. Have a haircut, trim your chin and find yourself good shoes. Don’t forget to apply some deodorant but don’t go for strong deodorants that kill mosquitoes and houseflies when you pass by. Look smart. Generally, people treat you according to how you appear. Body language is stronger than spoken word. If you are a lady, dress decently.

Don’t befriend her
Many women would like to befriend their female bosses. You don’t want to go shopping, attend dinner, go for yoga or share breakup stories with your boss.

Becoming your female boss’s best friend is so tempting. After all we are girlfriends and this is a circle of trust but is it? In reality, it’s a loser’s move. What if you disagreed with your boss; may be because you both like the same guy? Do you think it will all end at the social place? Be pretty sure that you will receive your dismissal letter in the morning.

Secondly, if you are a man, you must guard your reputation with your life. In order to remain attractive, you must remain mysterious. Being close to your boss exposes you badly. You leave very little to guess about your private life. However, if you date her, be sure to take her to the alter and put a ring on it; otherwise you will see fireworks. Also, keep a veil before your eyes because you don’t want her to catch you staring at a workmate (lady); admiring her beauty and curves. There you will be fired and there is nothing you’re will do about it.

Befriending your boss also denies you the opportunity to be better at work and denies you the opportunity to advance in your career. This is so because you suddenly become lazy and stop working to impress for it’s obvious you won’t get fired.

Be perfect
Lastly, work best. Be good at whatever you do so that you are indispensible. Be perfect. Ensure that you come in handy where she has incapable. Once you prove to be helpful and pretty good at what you are doing, you will win her admiration and respect and you will be comfortable at work. There you go. Try these tips out and you won’t regret working for the Boss Lady.

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