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You have commenced a business and everything is running smoothly. You have recruited some of the finest employees then a question arises: “how do you retain these employees?” You must know that every employee anticipates to work in a friendly environment; an environment that is comfortable. Such an environment enhances their productivity because everyone feels happy and satisfied at the workplace. As a manager, you have the responsibility to safeguard your employees from bullying and s#xual harassment if you hope to reap their very best output. Bullying and s#xual harassment exists in many organizations and companies.

What is bullying?

Bullying refers to the use of superior strength, influence, threat or aggressive behaviour to intimidate a person hence forcing them to do what you want.

Bullying at the workplace occurs when there is repeated mistreatment of persons (targets) by one or more perpetrators. It involves humiliation and intimidation sometimes leading to physical injury. Bullying can also manifest itself through verbal abuse. It’s common for other workers to side with the perpetrator either voluntarily or through coercion.

Such behavior sabotages or prevents work from being done as expected especially when bullies’ personal interests take precedence over the work before the staff. How would you feel knowing that the person that is sabotaging your workers’ output is actually on your payroll?

What is s#xual harassment?

S#xual harassment in a workplace encompasses the making of unwanted s#xual advances; making of obscene remarks; or requesting for s#xual favors. It can also involve offensive remarks about a person’s s#x. For instance, we have people that are neither male nor female (Hermaphrodites if you like). If one makes serious remarks directed at such people at work, then such comments fall under s#xual harassment.
You should know that both victim and perpetrator can either be male or female and sometimes, the perpetrator and the victim can even be of the same s#x.
The law doesn’t recognize teasing or extemporaneous comments as serious offences. In fact, such offences, including bullying, are given euphemisms such as disrespect or negative conduct. Sometimes we even call perpetrators “difficult people” rather than s#xual offenders. We tend to forget that they do all this intentionally. Therefore, the impact bullying and s#xual harassment has on the victims tends to be trivialized.

This is an area that has constantly received minimal attention yet if such issues are not addressed with the urgency required, they can derail job output at the workplace. Are you an employer that desires to train workers on this crucial area? You can purchase comprehensive notes on this course by contacting us. For ways to make payment, please feel free to email us on info@businessgeegz.com

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