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Do you have a blog or a website? Are you receiving high traffic? You could be doing this just for fun (as a hobby) or because you are advertising your business. But did you know that a website can fetch you some passive revenue? A part time site can easily be turned into an income generating asset with a bit of luck, hard-work and commitment. There are primary ads bloggers can use to make money from their blogs.

CPM ads
CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) based advertisements are a great way to earn income on your blog. CPM advertising pays you according to the amount of impressions received on an advertisement.

Impression means a single instance of an advertisement appearing on your website. With CPM ads, you still get paid even when your readers don’t click on your blog’s ads. You earn better through CPM ads depending on the positions they appear on your site and the volume of traffic you receive. This therefore means that in order to make the most through ads, then you need to be quite active and committed to your site. Bloggers who get high volumes of traffic ranging in thousands of visitors per day get a good amount earn more from CPM Ads.
Here are some of the monetization methods you can use to turn your blog’s traffic into real revenue.

Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply a way of advertising a product and earning money from the sales you facilitate through your site.

Here you work with online business partners like Amazon’s affiliate marketing program or viglinks. You then promote a few products on your blog. You’ll be given custom links to the product page. You then have to reference the product in context on your posts. When someone follows that link, they will be redirected to the seller’s website where they will find an option to buy that product. If they do, you will earn a percentage of each sale. You may also find affiliate deals for service industries that offer services. Commissions will vary according to different affiliate programs and the traffic you move.

Affiliate links provide some of the best opportunities to secure passive income for as long as you wish.

Getting Started
If you are interested in affiliate programs, sign up to Amazon’s associates, which is not only one of the biggest but also the simplest platforms to work with. You can earn up to 10 percent of whatever sales you drive. You also access thousands of products.

Getting started with PropellerAds is easy as your account will be created immediately. After that, you just need to add your domain & verify ownership. This is another great eCPM ad network that you can try.

PropellerAds offers ads for all screen types which makes it a popular choice for various bloggers. It also offers multiple payment options. PropellerAds is a good choice for bloggers especially if you have no problem with popunders on your site or if your readers don’t mind a little bit of distraction. Revenues here are handsome, of course, depending on how much traffic you drive. Looking for a passive way to earn, you can try this. The best part is that signing up for PropellerAds is as easy and fast. You also start seeing activity immediately you add the code and activate it.

Many bloggers might not have heard of this AdsOptimal network, but it’s good to know that they are a partner with Google AdSense. AdsOptimal is a popular advertising network for all website types, including new blogs. They offer CPM ads, CPC ads & conversion based ads. Based out of San Francisco & started in 2012, AdsOptimal is becoming a popular choice among webmasters.
The approval process to AdsOptimal usually takes about two days. Payments are made via PayPal or check. The minimum payout is only $50 and they offer a free signing bonus of up to $15. They also have a WordPress plugin to make it easier for you to add your ads.You can download the WordPress plugin on their site.

Infolinks is also another great alternative to Google AdSense. What you need to know, however, is that the downside is that it is not very easy to join especially if you are not driving traffic from relevant parts of the world and if you don’t have enough and quality content on your site. The payouts (on a per click basis) are also quite small but this does not mean that you can’t try it out especially if you have a blog that drives a lot of traffic.

This is also another good network that you can try especially if you are having difficulties signing up for the big boys like Google AdSence and Infolinks. The best part is that it is very easy to sign up for Chitika. Once you add the code on your site, you are good to go.

This is another industry that you might consider joining in order to boost your site revenues. Signing up is also easy and immediate. The best part is that they offer the Highest Referral Bonus in The Industry. When you refer quality publishers to sign-up at their platform, you have chances to enjoy an unprecedented referral bonus percentage.

Secondly, you could also sign up to Viglink to get your free account and start monetizing!
Other popular programs include:
• ClickBank
• LinkShare
• eBay:

2) Google AdSense
Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks around. You make money through Google AdSense by displaying ads on your site. This is done in two main ways:
Impressions: This depends on page views. For instance, for every 1,000 page views you get, you earn a set amount.

Clicks: Regardless of page views, if a visitor clicks on the ad from your site, you’ll earn a certain cut of the ad revenue. This can range anywhere from as little as $0.01 to a couple of dollars depending on the ad.

You can sign up for Google AdSense if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, but bear in mind that it is very hard to join if you rely on a free blogs like Blogspot.com. This is a big company, therefore, you must ensure that your site is fully developed and there are a good number of posts before you apply for an account in Google AdSense. Wondering why? Google has very strict rules, so it’s hard to get approved and to maintain an account with them. In addition to this, you should never click on your own ads since Google AdSense will definitely penalize you for it.
You will earn depending on the traffic you drive and how many people are willing to click on your ads.

The other common method is selling ad space directly from your website. Here you simply name a price (based on what you think it’s worth, relative to what the competition might be charging), and get paid upfront at the beginning of each month. This pricing is also generally a simple flat fee, not tied to a Cost Per Click like AdSense. Good luck!

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