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Car theft is a serious issue today and it’s getting more sophisticated. Cars are now fixed with android devices and connected to the internet. This increases the risk of car hacking. Car engines can’t be turned off just yet, and break-ins using keyless entry is getting common. Crooks have learnt ways of circumventing the security system of your car. Chances are now high that you will find your car broken into or missing from that busy parking lot!

Keyless entry is not the only challenge here for cars and not the only vulnerability of your motor vehicle. Your physical safety is also at risk. Carjackings are getting common.

GPS-trackers, steering lockers, and other standard anti-theft items fixed in your a car won’t do much to save you from theft and carjackings. But in order to be ready for anything, it’s better to learn about the additional protection available to make your car less attractive to thieves. It’s also useful to know the typical methods of car theft so as to be able to recognize the signs that someone is planning to steal your car.

Mark the glasses
Mark the Windshields, car windows, lights and side mirrors with a VIN number, also known as the identification number of the vehicle. This service doesn’t cost much and decreases the risk of theft significantly. Nobody wants to walk around with marked loot.  A thief will also have to spend time and money to change the marked glass. It decreases the profit of a theft.

Hide a Phone in Your Car

If you know that you’ll have to leave your car in an unfamiliar place and you are not sure about its safety, hide a switched on phone or tablet in it. Remember to synchronize it with your Google account in advance: if you have an email box, log into it from your computer or phone. If you need to track the location of the vehicle, the function “Find my phone”  will do it in less than a minute provided that the tablet or phone is connected to the Internet.

Block Your Key Signal

Feeling like taking a nap? Remember, there are gadgets available that can catch signals and are widely used by criminals for stealing keyless cars. How does it work? For instance, if the car is parked in a garage of a private house or under the windows of a multi-story building, the keys are accessible through the radio device. Thieves can easily intercept the signal, and the owner of the car won’t notice anything. According to experts, in order to protect your keys from “relay” attacks, you should use something metallic since metal blocks signals. 

Don’t ask me if the aluminum foil, as some people suggest, will work for I have not experimented it. However, you can easily block signals by placing your key in the fridge, microwave or better yet, purchase a wallet or box specifically designed for that purpose. 

Key for Keyless ignition

Install Cameras and Microphones

These gadgets can be quite useful because you will be able to see and hear everything that is happening in your car. Criminals won’t be able to open the door unnoticeably and start the engine without attracting

attention. The presence of a visible camera can scare off thieves immediately. It’s much simpler to steal a vehicle that won’t alert its owners for some time.

Install Alarm System
This is the best way you can scare thieves away. Install a very loud siren in the car that reacts to the slightest motion and it will send thieves running like mad men.

Be Cautious in Case of a Small Accident

Criminals now intentionally hit you and cause a small accident (one that they know Won’t cost them a lot to repair). The idea is to distract the driver and steal the car while the driver is in shock. For this purpose, a criminal slightly bumps into a victim’s car without doing too much harm. That’s why if you bump into someone’s car or someone bumps into your car, don’t lose your awareness: close the windows, lock the car doors, and call the police. Don’t jump out of the car screaming at the guy.  Don’t leave the car doors wide open either. Stay calm and try to control your emotions.

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