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It’s quite common to notice drivers make mistakes on the road as we drive. As they say, “everybody else on the road is mad except you”. Mistakes happen on a daily basis and everywhere. However, it’s worse in other places and countries. You will notice drivers flaunt traffic rules, skip lanes, talk on the phone while driving or listen to blaring music and these are just some signs of wrong driving. But what are the qualities of a good driver? The following are the other qualities of a good driver:

A good driver is well trained

Most importantly, a good driver is one who is well trained and skilled. The quality that defines a good driver is top level training and knowledge of traffic rules and driving. There are many top level driving schools in all countries that one MUST join to learn driving and gain good level of training. A good driver must undergo training and pass the test. A well trained driver is not only skilled and learned but is also better able to handle crucial situations on the road.

It’s not easy to pass the road test and if you do, then you must be qualified indeed. Note that sometimes immoral individuals sometimes bribe to get the driving license even if they are not qualified to be on the road. These are the kind of people that mess and cause accidents on the road. My advice to all drivers out there, please don’t gamble with your life. Go for proper training and qualify before you get on the road. You are dealing with a machine and many other road users.


A good driver is patient

Another quality that defines a good driver is patience. Impatience behind the wheel is a catastrophe. A good driver remains extremely patient, calm and composed while driving and especially in crucial conditions and moments like traffic jams and when he/she is late for an appointment or a meeting Impatience, screaming at fellow drivers and honking is a bad sign. These are the kind of people that make sudden moves that end up causing accidents. Try to be patient on the road. If you have to make it for an appointment, then start your journey early!

A good driver observes traffic rules and regulations

A good driver is one who religiously follows all the traffic rules and regulations. Some of these rules include: speed limits, following traffic signs, indicating, slowing down at pedestrian crossing and wearing protective gear in case of motorbike or the seat belt for cars. Following traffic rules can help save one from accidents and injuries and is very important. These rules are made for the drivers and pedestrians and it is good to follow them so as to keep everybody safe.

A good driver keeps his car in good condition

It is important to take care of the vehicle. If your vehicle is not in a good condition,, it may be unsafe to drive not only for the driver but also for the other road users. A good driver regularly maintains his/her vehicle and makes sure it is wells serviced at all times. A good driver ensures that a vehicle on the road can handle any in eventuality.

A good driver is humble and responsible

A good driver is one who takes complete responsibility for his/her actions while they are driving. Of-course, everyone makes some mistakes but the one who doesn’t own up to the mistakes may face a lot of problems. A good driver doesn’t abuse or assault people on the road.

A good driver knows how to park

Practicing parking will allow you to avoid a lot of problems right away, as you will know how to do the right things at the right time. Always use your handbrake. Whenever you stop on the road, park as far away from the road as possible. Avoid double parking and obstructing your fellow drivers. Familiarize yourself with parallel parking.

Good drivers don’t speed

Don’t demonstrate how powerful your car is on a public road. The pleasure you derive from moving at 260kmph can be short lived. A good driver understands this. You don’t have to keep on overtaking every car you see in front of you! A good driver is able to control the speed of his vehicle. Rushing is dangerous. In order to keep yourself safe, drive slowly and carefully merging with the traffic by a controllable speed on highway.


A good driver goes easy on the brakes when slowing down, negotiating a corner or stopping. Don’t try what you see on the movies where drivers press their brakes as hard as they can tires screeching and perform a clever maneuver. It doesn’t end so well in the real life.

A good Driver uses the Mirrors

A good driver has three eyes; two of his own and the mirrors. Failure to check your mirrors can result in trouble. Mirrors are important when overtaking, negotiating a corner or reversing. A few seconds away from the mirrors can be bad for the driver and other road users.

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