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A faulty engine spells doom for your vehicle. Just like a human being who cannot function properly with a sick heart so is your car when the engine has a problem. A faulty engine affects in great length the performance of your car.

Signs of a Bad Engine

Your machinery will show up some symptoms of bad engine. What you need to do is to be always keen as you drive your car. If the problem is not noticed on time, it leads to a major issue that will cost you a great deal of your money. Here are certain signs that car shows up on experiencing signs of engine failure.

Jumpy Engine Power

One of the signs that you would notice is that the engine is continuously struggling to run at the normal pace. When this happens with your vehicle, you should understand that an internal fault in the engine is halting the performance of the entire car. You may experience some signs of a bad engine including shaky vehicle at high speeds or difficulty in racing it up and so on. In case, the engine is creating too much trouble; it is mandatory to get it checked by the professional, just as we do when our body doesn’t work well.

Emissions Inside your car

The odor of a vehicle’s emissions should always be noticed behind the vehicle at the exhaust pipe. But in case it is happening inside the vehicle, consider it to be a sign of a damaged engine. In case you notice this, it is advisable that you to take your vehicle to a professional, so that they can check it properly. Ignoring such smells inside the vehicle would surely be the wrong decision for such a foul odor is one of the major bad engine symptoms of a faulty engine.

Funny Sounds

This would include knocking noise from the bonnet. Usually, it is the fault in the mechanical parts of the engine including the pistons, moving parts, and another bearing. In case this happens with your car, take the vehicle to some reliable professional and get it checked right away. Choosing to ignore this sound will put your life at risk and spell doom for your car. It is always better to detect the problem early to make the best possible decision.

Smoke From Exhaust

There could be different reasons why the exhaust is producing smoke. But how does one know that the engine has gone bad? Well, if the smoke is black, then this is a sign of some issue in the engine. This also means that your vehicle is burning too much fuel, which eventually is going to affect your pocket. The issues might include damaged air filter, some mechanical trouble, or maybe clogged fuel return line. Most of the people don’t usually pay attention to the black smoke coming out of their vehicle. But the fact is that you should, and that’s how you can make your car run longer.

Engine Lights Turned On

When something is wrong in the engine, dashboard lights will remain on to alert you about the possible issue. Yes, your vehicle will try to show the issue to you in every possible way. It is up to you then how you deal with that. Taking immediate action on the problem will surely help, and in case, you are not doing anything, your car will suffer. One of the main car engine failure symptoms that you should know about.


When you notice signs of a bad engine highlighted above, please make sure you make an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible. Failure to do so will either leave you with a wrecked car or put your life in harms way.

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4 thoughts on “Signs of a faulty Engine”
  1. Thank you for telling me that experiencing a shaky vehicle whenever I’m driving at a higher speed might be a sign of a faulty engine. I only started driving my own car months ago so I’m clearly clueless about how can I spot early signs of failure in my vehicle’s parts, and I’m really thankful that I came across your article. It might be a good idea to take my car to the nearest auto shop and see if something needs to be repaired immediately.

  2. My friend told me that his car is making weird rattling noises while driving, and it’s starting to drive him nuts. I find it surprising to learn that these sounds may be caused by the moving parts inside the engine, such as the pistons. I’ll be sure to let him know about this and suggest that he bring his car to a Nissan repair shop since it’s a Sentra.

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