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Have you ever attended the formal interview where you were asked questions and expected to respond to them? More than once you will be invited to attend interviews. You might either be looking for a new job or seeking a promotion.

Remember that you will probably not be alone during the interview. Many people will also be seeking the same job or promotion. In fact, you might be going their thinking that you are the only interviewee only to meet a crowd of over 200 people! This means that you have to impress the interview panel in order to receive a positive response from them. You must outshine the rest of the competitors for the same opportunity. Otherwise you will receive regret.

You will only be assured of success if you prepare properly for the task ahead. Follow the following guidelines gathered from years of experience and you will definitely outshine the rest of the people invited for the same interview.

The two participants in an interview are the interviewer (at times a panel of interviewers), and the interviewee.

Tips for the Interviewees

Job Interview Preparations
If you really want to be considered for a particular job following an interview, you have to adequately prepare to succeed. The following are the preparations the interviewee would put in place before the interview:

Contact your referees to alert them that you will be interviewed and they are likely to receive a call.
This is very important. Many people indicate referees during the preparation of their CVs and forget all about them. It’s therefore important to pick on referees that you are in constant contact with. If you use my name for instance and yet you worked for me many years ago, maybe 10 years ago, I might not have much to say about you (people change). This means that your referees should change with time.

Also, if you use my name and contacts as a referee but you don’t inform me, a phone call or email from your interviewer might come as a surprise. I might have forgotten you because maybe I interact with very many people in just a single day. Therefore, it’s prudent that you inform me in person and in advance that you would like to site me as one of your referee so that I can be aware of and expect communication from somebody inquiring about you.

Referees should be persons that know you very well. Don’t Google for names of CEOs of reputable companies and site them as your referees. Be aware that employers do call the referees to get information about you. Using fake referees is the beginning of your failure.

Prepare your documents. Make sure they are neat and well arranged.

Some of your documents might be scattered. Some new certificates might be missing from your file. Some letters of appointment might be in the office. Gather all the material you need for the interview. Have recommendation letters written for you and insert them in the file. Don’t fake letters for employers are very thorough. A background check will unearth your dirty tricks and you will lose your job.

Do some research about the organization or company
This research will give you something to talk about in addition to your job description. Today you can easily find information about companies by visiting their websites. You can simply Google for information about the company.
# Find out how big the company is.
# Check out its products and services.
# Look for any recent news about the company.
# Look for the company’s structure
# Find names of important persons like CEOs, Directors.

Anticipate potential questions and prepare answers correctly.
Find out as much as you can. Call people that might have an idea about what to expect and let them give you examples of questions you might be asked. Call the person that invited you for an interview and inquire about areas you are not sure of. Write down the questions and possible answers.

Prepare what to wear and how to groom
It is important that you dress well. It is best that you wear a professional suit. Don’t dress as if you are going to work in a normal day, for this is what many people do. Purchase yourself a suite if you don’t have one. There are many young people out there who don’t have a single suit in their wardrobe. You are looking for a job so, don’t take it lightly. A simple mark on dress code and grooming can deny you that job opportunity or promotion. Exude a professional demeanor. If you are a lady, please don’t tell me you will face the interview panel with red, green or yellow hair!

Iron your outfit and lay it out the night before then get a good night’s sleep. You don’t want to wake up already tired.

Seek directions to the venue
Call whoever invited you for the interview and inquire exactly where it will take place. Keep a phone number to call if you get stuck on the way. I have seen a guy that came late for an interview because he was taken to the wrong destination only to find that the interview was not taking place there. He was stressed. The interview didn’t go well for him. Don’t assume that since you know the location of the head offices, interviews will obviously be conducted there. Remember also that the interview venue and time can be rescheduled so keep in touch with the relevant persons who can inform you in case of any changes.

Call at least a day before to find out if there are any changes. I remember this one time I was expected to meet a CEO of a certain company. I wanted to travel there a day before. I prepared myself. Before booking my ticket, I decided to confirm from him if the interview day still stands. You won’t believe this. He apologized and informed me that he was busy somewhere else dealing with urgent matters and that we should reschedule. Imagine what would have happened if I had travelled all the way there only to be informed that the CEO is not around!
Know the location where you are having the interview will help you know how long it will take for you to reach there.

Time for the interview
Don’t arrive late only to be turned away! Arrive early enough for the interview so that you can have time to relax and familiarize yourself with the environment. If you will be required to display your presentation through a projector, this is the right time to familiarize yourself with the available equipment and organize your work accordingly before the interviews start.
If you arrive late, you will be flustered and chances are that you will panic and make many mistakes. You might also lack parking space and be forced to find space somewhere else, far away from the venue. Have enough time on your sleeves to take care of such eventualities.

Lastly, Prepare and write down some of your achievements. You don’t want to leave the interview room only to remember one important achievement you forgot to highlight. Such stories demonstrate the hard to measure qualities such as teamwork, leadership skills, and judgment abilities. Quantify your achievements using numbers, facts and even figures where possible. For instance, you can say, “I have been able to increase sales of my company’s product to up to 40% since I joined it in in the year 2012”.
Achievements that are not work related are also good. Talk about achievements of your badminton team as a captain. Talk about your charity work. Mention how you overcame a certain milestone.

Lastly, remember that everyone has got papers so don’t think that your first, second or third degrees will impress the panel. Actually, the only things that will make you stand out and be memorable are your achievements in and outside work environment and your experience so carry all your certificates of attendance, facilitation, awards and accolades. By the fact that you are reading this means you are doing the right thing and are on the right track to success. All the best in your upcoming interview!

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