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Universities are churning out numerous graduates every year. But how many of these graduates are employable? Very soon the economy will lack people to employ. This is actually absurd. Big and small companies need employees to take up some of the very lucrative jobs but there are very few people out there with the required skills.

Sometimes, schools and colleges have been blamed for not producing the right caliber of workers. In addition to this, many learners are opting to specialize in simpler subjects and avoiding the so called “hard subjects” like sciences and mathematics where the jobs are. This therefore means that the job market will soon lack the skilled labor that it so much requires.

Many employers admit to having difficulties finding employees to hire. This is because employees do not meet employers’ expectations. What this means is that employers have to invest a lot in training employees. Nobody wants to spend more than is necessary. Employers are having difficulties in finding employees with the right skills and work history despite having the papers. Some of these would-be-employees have stayed jobless for many years.

Personally, I have worked in environments with employees of different age groups. This is what I can say about young employees:

First of all, they expect too much than what we are ready to offer. They are always asking for more salaries plus a number of luxuries. When these are not forthcoming, they become restless.

In addition to this, they are impatient and always want things to work their way.
They also don’t listen to advice and they can sometimes be disrespectful. Have you looked at a number of advertisements in newspapers and wondered why employers want people with experience of up to fifteen years working in certain capacities? Have you wondered why employers quote the minimum age requirement sometimes of up to 35 and above? This could actually be the reason why.

In addition to this, the majority of these young people love too much enjoyment. It’s not bad to enjoy yourself but too much of anything is poisonous. These are people that arrive to work tipsy or with a deadly hangover sometimes smelling of booze and clothes they wore yesterday. Some spend beyond their means and end up being a bother to other employees. They always spend most of their day borrowing money from colleagues. Sometimes they are evicted and this affects their job output for a restless mind isn’t productive.

Most of them are single so we always expect a number of office scandals and cat-fights as they chase after ladies and vice versa.
Generally, their levels of professionalism are low as compared to the older generation.

It should be noted that many employers are looking for workers they don’t have to train again when it comes to full employment. Ask any clever employer and you will actually realize that academic qualifications come last in what they really need. Employers are looking for people that can work rather than people that have the potential to work. Many young people are concerned about the experience part for, “how are they expected to gather this experience?” This therefore means that schools need to rethink about their training approach. Clearly, they are not providing work-based skills and experience that employers are looking for. They must therefore expose trainees to the required experience so that they can acquire relevant skill.

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