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As a driver, you must be prepared for anything while on the road. In fact, that is the reason why all drivers must be covered by insurance companies; either individual cover, car cover and third party cover that will help you pay in case you cause an accident, destroy someone’s property or car or cause bodily harm. One such eventuality is tire burst. A good number of drivers have made mistakes and had to pay dearly for that. Here are some tips on what you need to do in case of a tire burst:

Step 1

Keep off Breaks!

Our natural instinct in case of a loud bang, in the event of an accident or a sudden noise in or without the vehicle is to slam on the brakes and stop immediately. However, in case of a tyre burst, this is the last thing you wanna do. Such a drastic action will throw the vehicle off balance, send you into a spin, or simply cause you to lose control completely. So for heaven’s sake, keep off the breaks.

Step 2

Reduce speed

If you manage to slowly let go of the gas pedal and lower your speed, you have a better chance of surviving this ordeal. Excessive speed combined with a tyer burst could quickly cause you to lose control of your vehicle. It is therefore, advisable that you try your best to stick to the speed limit. Also, if you are already worried about your tyres, better reduce your speed to manageable levels.

Step 3:

Warning: Don’t release the accelerator suddenly.                            

Ideally, you should begin to slow down but you must do this bit by bit. The deceleration force caused by the burst tyre will cause your car to slow down rapidly so it is best to maintain your speed and then gradually ease off.

Step 4:

Keep the vehicle straight

You need to focus on your steering to ensure that you continue travelling straight in order to avoid any head-on collision with oncoming traffic following the tyre burst. Your car will automatically swerve in the direction of the blowout and you might notice you are headed for the ditch but you should be able to remain calm and in control of your steering wheel and level up your vehicle.

Step 5:

Do not be erratic on your steering wheel

When you first feel the swerve of your car after the tyre burst, you are most likely going to panic  and turn the steering wheel hard in the other direction. Unfortunately, this will only make the situation worse. The car will lose of control and can easily roll. What should you do instead? Simply do your best to keep the car straight as detailed above.

Step 6:

Let your vehicle coast to a stop

Let your vehicle come to a gradual stop. Allow this to happen using engine braking. Ensure that it is safe for you and your car before you stop. Remember, you must have been on the highway in undesignated area.  Parking carelessly on such a road can endanger your life. Once you have come to a complete stop, turn on your emergency or hazard lights and create a buffer zone then go ahead and change your tyre.


Check the condition of your vehicle before you start moving again. Move around and make a quick diagnosis. Then head straight to the next available tyre service center and purchase a new tyre before you continue with your journey. Note that you will be using your spare tyre and you will be lacking a spare just in case of any eventuality. Good luck!

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