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Machines are man made and just like humans, sometimes they err. Gas pedals sticking is not a new phenomena to a number of the motorists. This issues can turn out catastrophic if not well handled. Here are some tips on how to handle such a situation if it arises so as to avoid posing a danger a danger to yourself and other road users:

Stay Calm

Rule number one in case of a situation is to stay calm. Staying calm will help you avoid an accident in case your gas pedal sticks while driving. However, it might seem easy to say but difficult to actually implement but keeping yourself calm is the only choice you have so as to avoid ugly scenes. Try to take a deep breath, control your heart rate, and stay focused and try out doing the following:

2. Quickly Scan your Surroundings

Check how many cars are near you when you are driving on a highway, and your gas pedal gets jammed. In a situation like this, when the gas pedal is stuck, try evading the traffic by carefully driving off the busy road. Inform the drivers in front of you and behind you about the issue through signals such as honking, switching on head lambs or harzard lights, or indicating.

3. Engage Neutral Gear

Remember you have a got split second to think very fast. The safest way is to disengage/engage neutral (if auto) gear.

4. Use the Breaks

If driving at the slow or moderate speed, slowly push the brakes. However, as you perform this action, be very careful as different cars may react differently to it. If you are at a high-speed then chances are that the vehicle won’t stop completely. Keep your hands on the wheel while trying to stop the car through a brake pedal.

5. Try lifting the gas pedal

Trying to lift gas pedal and controlling the car with gear engaged sounds like taking the gamble too far. That is why we propose you disengage the engine first then try to slowly push the brakes.


An amateur will suggest that you switch off your car. Better Switch to neutral (disengage engine from the wheel) and apply brakes rather than switch the engine off as this may fail the brakes, especially for the modern fluid controlled brakes, which depend on Car engine operations. Also, turning off the engine will cause your steering to lock up, plus brakes which are electronically controlled. You can guess what will happen next.

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