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The spare tire is that tire that comes with your vehicle and has to be present in your car at all times. Many times, this spare tire is somewhat lighter or smaller than the regular tires. There is a reason why the spare tire is smaller than the other tires.

Automobile manufacturers provide you with an extra tire because they are aware of possible challenges you can encounter on the road. In case of a flat, this extra tire can help you cover those miles that take you to a nearby repair shop or your home.

The small tire that comes with your car is known as the donut tire for the obvious reasons that it resembles a donut! This is an emergency tire that lets you drive up to a certain point so you can get your tire checked by an expert. While driving on a donut tire, you cannot and should not drive at a higher speed.

The regular spare tires got replaced with donut tire because manufacturers noted that they were rarely used. Another reason was the need for lighter weight and convenience. Donut tires are smaller and lighter in size unlike the traditional tires which were heavy and bulky.

A Run-Flat Tire serves even after a puncture that you can cover 50 miles before seeing it failed. It is a pretty good distance you can cover and reach the repair shop. You can even reach your destination without worrying about the replacement any time soon.


The primary reason why the spare tire is smaller than others is purely because of convenience. The small tire saves incredible space and is light in weight. Furthermore, it can enable you reach a nearby repair shop where you can get sorted.

All said and done, remember to consult experts before installing the tires above to an automobile.

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