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Disadvantages of owning Electric Vehicles (EVs)

In our previous post, we highlighted a number of reasons why you would want to get yourself an electric car. Some of the reasons included:it is a lot cheaper to run, it has less hustles of repairs and maintenance and it has zero emissions etcetera.

However, an electric vehicle has its own pitfalls

Disadvantages of electric cars:

Charging Points

You need places to charge your EV regularly. Such places must allow you to park for 4–6 hours regularly. You will also need 240V outlet because of limited time.  If you are charging overnight, you need  the 120V outlet. You need the supercharger to get the car charged quickly. Unfortunately, there are limited spaces that can allow you to charge even though in some countries such points are available for free. It is even more difficult for those that live in  apartments.

Tire Replacement

The tires of high performance electric cars seem to wear out much faster than of fuel vehicles. Tesla owners like myself will attest to this. Maintaining tires seems to surpass the cost of electricity and maintenance. So if you are driving a gasoline car, you will keep your tires for longer as compared to someone driving an EV.

Time Constraint

Long trips will take quite long. The reason is obvious. A Tesla owner needs to stop after  every 2 to 3 hours to boost the charge. Charging takes a minimum of half an hour. Note that this depends on the type of vehicle. Some vehicles take up to one hour. Even though stopping is refreshing for it accords the driver time to rest,   it’s a bore especially if you are in a hurry. Imagine that you are going for an important meeting or interview!  


An EV is too quiet at low speeds. You can encounter pedestrians and other road users without them hearing you coming. You can’t rev the engine to attract their attention. You have to honk, or open the window and yell so as to alert them of your presence.


There are places you will not be able to reach. This will pose a challenge if your charging cable is short.

Also, if you find yourself on a  stretch with no human habitation for over 350km or so, you will get stuck unless you carried a diesel engine! Ha! The irony of the century!

You might also need to get towed by a diesel machine, not forgetting the cost implications, or better yet, push the car yourself. If by good luck you get to someone’s house, you will be forced to charge off a regular outlet, but now this will take 24 hours!


Getting stuck might force you to try out a number of gymnastics with sockets. You might attempt to use the drier charger and engage in funny connections. This might lead to electrocution or fire accidents. Remember, you will need special  tools and some effort. Not to worry though for all standard high-voltage wires are armoured but fumbling around with them can easily pose a danger.

To Conclude,

Buying an electric car is entirely your decision. Please read through the pros and cons of Electric cars and compare them to gasoline cars before making a decision. Think through and decide your poison. Both cars have their pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which kind of risk suits you best. Remember that very many people are happy to be driving an electric car every day. So, good luck as you make your decision!

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